About Artist


I graduated from college with a degree in Philosophy and a passion for Photography. Faced with making a living, Photography seemed to offer me a fighting chance.

I became a fashion photographer and for 30 years had a great time shooting in great locations here in the US and abroad. Shooting people was something that gave me energy and definitely offered a challenge. Unlike a still life photograph the elements of a shot with a person in it are constantly in flux. Quick decisions, collaboration with art directors and the ability to see your image in it’s final usage with type and other graphic elements are all key to being a commercial shooter.

I see those years as a fashion photographer in my images today. Beauty, clean graphic punch, color and the moment. The subject is different but the process is remarkably the same.

I have always been intrigued by looking very closely at the things we see every day. Tightly composed shots reveal design in nature that is otherwise lost in the visual chaos that often surrounds us. I see these tightly detailed shots as “inner landscapes” that are every bit as complex and rewarding as the sweeping grandeur of Yosemite.

What a great way to make a living! Using my hands and my brain the same time. Traveling the world and working outside. Meeting a crazy mix of people and somehow convincing them, threatening them, cajoling them to be the star of my photograph.

And then the photographs. In our modern world, not everyone can sit down surrounded with their work and say that “this is what I do”.


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